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Christmas traditions differ from culture to culture, location to location, and family to family. In 24 Christmas Stories: Faith and Traditions from Around the World, award-winning author Judith Bouilloc explores present-day Christmas traditions, as well as the holiday's history in many regions, brought to life by various artists.

In Germany, Anna opens the first window of her advent calendar and wonders if Christmas will be here soon. In Lorraine, France, Rita can't wait for Saint Nicholas Day (he'll bring little presents for the good girls and boys, and potatoes for the naughty ones). In Iran, Melchior trudges through the fog and is joined on his travels by two other men who are following the brightest star in the sky, guiding them to an unknown but special destination.

In Italy, St. Francis plans the very first living Nativity, determined to share with his local friends the story of Jesus in the manger. His Nativity scene goes on to inspire generations to come. In Japan, Shusaku makes paper cranes in preparation of Christmas and in honour of Sadako. In the United States, Trinity revises her mother's to-do list to put the highest priority items at the top as they get ready to welcome friends and family.

Whether you choose to read one story a night leading up to Christmas, or multiple in one sitting, you're sure to learn something new about Christmas and the many different ways it's celebrated around the world every December.

Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 9 November 2023
Pages: 96

24 Christmas Stories : Faith and Traditions from Around the World


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