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A searing, honest and courageous account of professional soldiering in a toxic military culture' Senator Tom Clonan, retired army captainDuring her 31-year career as a soldier in the Irish Defence Forces, Karina Molloy achieved many firsts. First female to get promoted to Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) rank. First to attempt the Army Ranger Wing selection course - Ireland's SAS equivalent - when it was considered impossible for women.

And, to date, Karina has the most overseas service as a female senior NCO. But despite a pioneering career, she faced many setbacks in an institution rife with misogyny - from sexual assault to routine bullying to promotional glass ceilings. And yet she persevered.

From Lebanon to Eritrea to Bosnia, A Woman in Defence is the often shocking story of a determined soldier who forged her way in a man's world, and who continues to fight to make the army a safer and more equitable place for women. What emerges is a damning expose of a venerable Irish institution which has failed to defend and protect its own.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 26 January 2023
Pages: 352

A Woman in Defence : A Soldier's Story of the Enemy Within the Irish Army


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