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Belfast Sunset continues the story of Judith Fenley, a pretty young woman living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the “Troubles.” As the book begins, Judith is trying to recover from the tragic death of her boyfriend, Sean Dunnigan, a soldier in the fight to free Northern Ireland from English rule and to return it to the Republic of Ireland. When Geoffrey Cook, a lieutenant in the British army who was present when Sean was killed, tries to help her, Judith at first rejects him. Crushed as she is from her recent loss, she has no interest in romance, but over time a strong friendship forms between the two. Although Judith maintains rigid boundaries, Cook is soon hopelessly in love. The Independence movement has not finished with Judith Fenley, however. There is concern about how much Sean may have told her and whether she poses any threat to the freedom fighters. Should she be silenced? Will she survive? If so, is there any chance for Geoffrey? It’s love, politics, and danger during what for Great Britain must surely be the most tragic chapter of the late twentieth century.

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Belfast Sunset


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