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A gripping account of the Allied liberation of Western Europe, masterfully told by Emmy-award winning writer and historian Martin King.

Through the autumn of 1944, Allied troops made their way across Nazi-occupied Europe, liberating towns and villages as they went. Driving Back the Nazis explores this process of liberation, from the arrival of Allied forces in Paris through the emancipation of Belgium to the closing down of Nazi prison camps. But there was a darker side to liberation too - collaborators were harshly punished, and in some cases the liberating forces brought their own troubles with them.

Martin King tells the story of liberation from all sides - we hear the voices of Allied high command, ordinary American and British soldiers, local civilians, and even the defeated German forces.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1 May 2021
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781838574499 Category: Tags: , ,

Driving Back the Nazis


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