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The Taskforce and Mossad join forces to bring down a fanatical organisation in this action-fuelled thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former special forces officer, Brad Taylor. Was it an accident or assassination? When the former head of Israeli intelligence is killed on a paragliding trip, it's the latest in a series of 'accidental' deaths befalling key members of the American and Israeli governments. Mossad bring in terrorist hunters Aaron and Shoshana to investigate - and they know just who to call.Taskforce operator Pike Logan has been out of action for too long, so he jumps at the chance to take on the mission.

An Iranian-funded militia group, operating in Iraq, has recently claimed responsibility for the deaths. But something doesn't add up, and Logan is determined to uncover the truth.He'll have to wade deep into the complex religious and political currents of the Israeli-Palestinian region, and it's up to the Taskforce to determine who is pulling the strings. What they find could have disastrous consequences not only for the Middle East, but for the entire world...Read the latest book in the electrifying Taskforce thrillers.

Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Vince Flynn and Jack Ryan.

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End of Days


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