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Become body literate with Heart: An Owner's Guide, the next book in The Body Literacy Library, a helpful series that will break down heart health for a new generation of readers. Heart: An Owner's Guide is an informative, practical, and engaging introduction to all aspects of heart health to live well and longer. Find the key to a long, healthy life and your cardiac risk. This myth-busting book focuses on all aspects of heart health so you can steer clear of Dr Google and discover what will make your heart happier and healthier.

Author Dr Paddy Barrett is an engaging and media-friendly Consultant Cardiologist specialising in preventative health care. He translates medical jargon into simple, straightforward prose, answering frequently asked patient queries, such as Should I take aspirin? Are heart attacks hereditary? Is red wine healthy? And much more.

In this book, you can find:
-Easy-to-follow science and lifestyle advice with simple Q&As
-Illustrations with data-driven images that show how certain lifestyle choices impact your health
-Best tips to help you know how to best care for your body and heart
-Chapters that outline the vital organ and how it works, risks for heart problems and what to do to improve heart health

From what you should eat (or not) and exercising smarter to why stress is as dangerous as smoking, this hard-working book applies science to the everyday, with simple illustrations, checklists, FAQs, and myth busters, all supported by the latest medical research. Heart: An Owner's Guide won't just help you understand your body better. This book is part of a series titled Breasts: An Owner's Guide by Dr Philippa Kaye, Brain: An Owner's Guide by Dr Eli Ricker, and Gut: An Owner's Guide by Dr Austin Chiang.

Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 2 May 2024
Pages: 208

Heart : An Owner's Guide


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