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In the UK, someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. Just gone. Vanished.In the blink of an eye. DCS Kat Frank knows all about loss. A widowed single mother, Kat is a cop who trusts her instincts.

Picked to lead a pilot programme that has her paired with AIDE (Artificially Intelligent Detective Entity) Lock, Kat's instincts come up against Lock's logic. But when the two missing person's cold cases they are reviewing suddenly become active, Lock is the only one who can help Kat when the case gets personal. AI versus human experience.

Logic versus instinct. With lives on the line can the pair work together before someone else becomes another statistic? In the Blink of an Eye is a dazzling debut from an exciting new voice and asks us what we think it means to be human. 'I started reading this morning and ten hours later I've finished it! It's so, SO good - really properly compelling, impossible to put down - I was desperate for the solution to the mystery - but so human and moving and massively thought-provoking on what makes us human' LAURA MARSHALL

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 19 January 2023
Pages: 418

In The Blink of An Eye


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