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Contains clear and comprehensive solutions to the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Exam Paper Questions for the four years (2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016). Each book is written in a step-by-step format to make it easy to understand.

The unique handwritten solutions are easy to understand for the weaker student but will also provide the high flyer with the skills to hit the “H1” grade. There are one hundred and twenty-three pages of the best notes in each book making it a competitive product at this price point.

Each book contains the most detailed solutions of any Maths book on the market in Ireland today and sets out every single line of the solution (step by step) with notes explaining the Maths behind them. The solutions encompass all topics on the course including Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Area and Volume, Enlargements, etc.. They also give an insight into the marking scheme of each paper.

Students who regularly use these books negate the need to spend hundreds of euros on tuition, as many parents have commented to Joe over the years. Students can easily follow the stepped solutions on their own and subsequently learn how to apply it to a similar styled exam question later. The most efficient way for a student to use the book is to try each question part for themselves first and then subsequently refer to Joe's solution to see where they have gone right or wrong; hence the student is always ‘learning by doing’.

Format: Paperback

Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Maths Solutions


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