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Start paying attention to the moments that make up the everyday and, step by step, begin to change your life for the better. Mindfulness is about opening to all experience: the good, the bad and the neutral. By noticing what is happening in your body and what emotions are arising, you can learn to “simply be” with these experiences and choose how to respond.

These 60 short and simple meditations will cultivate the skills you need to improve your relationships, be more contented and fulfilled, enjoy better emotional and physical health, and manage stress. These easy and accessible exercises from highly qualified mindfulness practitioner, Anna Black, can be used by everybody, anywhere, and at any time. From core skills, such as tuning into the breath and the body at the bus stop, to practicing mindfulness during everyday tasks such as eating, showering or walking, to foundational practices for building tolerance, empathy and inner strength, this practical guide demonstrates how to cultivate a mindful attitude that will transform your everyday life.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 14 May 2024
Pages: 144

Mindfulness Meditations : Discover a More Vivid and Connected Life


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