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This book will inspire anyone who reads it to cook.
The recipes offer home-cooks, amateurs and seasoned chefs alike an opportunity to experiment with both new and old techniques, through easy to follow, concise instructions that will really ‘up anyone’s game’ in the kitchen. You will learn how to create some magical dishes, as well as discover invaluable insider tips that will transform a meal from the ordinary to the exceptional.
With touching personal stories to complement each dish, the book celebrates the art of cooking through stunning visuals and eloquent portrayals of different regional cuisine, including Nordic, Italian, Irish, Japanese and Vietnamese.
But there is more.
This beautifully crafted cookbook is also an inspiring memoir that will bring hope to individuals and families touched by the experience of addiction.
Rekindling the Fire brings to life Martin’s backstory of addiction through the prism of mindfulness.
It demonstrates how a passion, in this case cooking, has the potential to transform lives. Each chapter has captivating prose that speaks directly to the reader about how cooking is more than food preparation, but also a mindful journey of self-discovery and healing.
This element of the book elevates the narrative and propels us into a world of alchemy that is completely unique in the cookbook genre.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 31 January 2022
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781398447363 Category: Tag:

Rekindling the Fire: Food and The Journey of Life


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