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Veteran SAS soldier Doug McGee, was on sick leave, convalescing after receiving serious injuries when his parachute failed to open fully, on a recent exercise. He is asked by his commanding officer, to return to active duty urgently, after the British authorities become aware of a plot to mount a military coup in Africa, with use of nuclear and chemical weapons.

An arms-dealing company based in Pakistan, are orchestrating the planned coup, after reaching an agreement with a deposed former leader, to supply mercenaries and these deadly weapons. Their aim is to overthrow the government of Zambatu and restore the previous head of state to power.

McGee is asked to organize a crack team of SAS operatives and devise a plan to prevent this from happening. They travel out to Africa to take on these mercenaries, however things do not go entirely as they had planned. A fast moving action-packed situation develops, as they hunt the plotters from country to country throughout southern Africa. The terrorists leave a trail of death and destruction behind them as they try to elude the SAS in this roller coaster adventure.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 16 December 2013
Pages: 226
ISBN: 9781494710354 Categories: ,

Sand Dollar Logistics

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