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Two people convinced they're unworthy of love...until they meet each other. Camille Rivera is drowning. Her father's sick, her brother's in deep with a dirty cop, and her mechanic shop is failing.

She's growing desperate, trying to keep her world afloat in whatever way she can. Nero Gallo is the neighborhood hazard. A mess-maker.

A walking disaster. Camille has watched him burn through every girl in a ten-mile radius, as vicious as he is gorgeous, breaking hearts and never, ever getting attached. Which is why she can't believe it when Nero unexpectedly saves her from a risky situation.

They've lived next to each other their whole lives, yet she's only ever known him as sin made flesh. Is it possible she didn't really know him at all?They aren't friends. They aren't allies. But Nero is the only chance Camille has, and she'll have to trust there's more to him beneath the savage surface. Except trust is a dangerous thing to give. And Camille is about to learn the only thing more dangerous than trusting Nero is falling for him.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 19 September 2023
Pages: 336

Savage Lover : A Dark Mafia Romance


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