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Enthralling and fast-paced, Shall We Tell the President? is the finale to Jeffrey Archer's Kane and Abel trilogy is a daring political thriller where treason and betrayal threaten to topple an American dynasty. 6 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes to go . . . Florentyna Kane is the first elected female President of the United States. But even on the very day that she is sworn into office, powerful forces are already in motion to take her life.

The FBI learns of a plot to silence her. By 8.30 p.m. that night, five people know all the details.

By 9.30 p.m., four of them are dead. FBI agent Mark Andrews alone knows when the assassins will strike. Now he has six days to learn where, and how - and track the person responsible.

Six days to prevent the certain death of the President. One wrong word, one false move, and both a nation and a dream will crumble. 'The plain storytelling is unimprovable.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 6 October 2022
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781529060126 Category: Tag:

Shall We Tell the President?


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Available on: 6 Oct 2022
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