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Transform your life with the positive power of kindness!We can all agree that the world could always do with more kindness. But this doesn't have to mean grand gestures or expensive gifts - often it's the small, everyday interactions that matter the most. Over 52 weeks, this undated journal guides you through the process of recognising the moments of kindness in your life, and helps you to spread that kindness to every person you meet.

Combining the mindfulness of a gratitude journal with the practicality of a workbook, the role of kindness in modern life is fully explored with thought-provoking insights and exercises guiding you every step of the way. With a focus on the small things that brighten up your life, the power of spreading kindness, and keeping it in the forefront of your mind as you go about your days is laid out in attractive spreads with plenty of exercises to help you make being kind a defining feature of your personality. Spread throughout the journal are suggestions for over 100 simple acts of kindness that you can perform, and 30 pages exploring the role of kindness in modern life from author Jacqueline Snowden.

Particular focus is given to the importance of showing kindness to yourself and how that is the starting point from which kindness can flow, and on how it is possible - necessary, sometimes - to specifically choose to be kind. The lessons and exercises, tips and tricks are all reasonable and accessible, and help the reader explore ideas such as paying it forward and developing empathy. The tone is inspiring and encouraging, making prioritizing kindness seem like the easiest thing in a sometimes very unkind world!Thanks to the undated format, the journal can be started at any point in the year, meaning readers can turn to it whenever they feel the need to really build the kindness habit into their everyday life.

The Simple Acts of Kindness Journal is the perfect companion to living a life filled with kindness and joy, for everybody who wants to spread a little joy in the world.

Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 12 September 2023
Pages: 196

Simple Acts of Kindness : A 52-Week Interactive Journal


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