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Our skin health is influenced by many different factors, from our individual genetics to stress, and nutrition to sleep. Each one of these is a piece of a puzzle. Over a decade of treating patients, consultant dermatologist and registered nutritionist Dr Thivi Maruthappu has found that each piece counts.

We need to go beyond just creams and serums and start taking a more holistic view, which is why Dr Thivi has devised an innovative, science-backed way to achieve glowing, healthy skin. Pioneering research into the gut microbiome has proven that there's a powerful link between our diet and the health of our skin. Dr Thivi has drawn on her unique understanding of the interplay between nutrition and skin to devise the SkinFood approach, a plan that prioritises eating to promote beautiful skin, while also improving our overall wellbeing.

It is this that forms the foundation of the 4-Step Skin Solution. Along the way, SkinFood will explore the importance of the mind-body connection and its vital role in supporting our skin health, as well as offering advice on how to select key products to create a routine that works for each skin type. With over 40 delicious, tried-and-tested SkinFood recipes designed to target a number of concerns - including acne and ageing well - and in-depth, tailored advice, SkinFood replicates the consultation you might have in a dermatologist's clinic without having to break the bank.

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 22 June 2023
Pages: 384

SkinFood : Your 4-Step Solution to Healthy, Happy Skin


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