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The purpose of this series of spelling workbooks is to provide stimulus for spelling lessons. With the provision of pictures and the opportunity for drawing, visual and kinaesthetic learners are catered for. Books C and D contain mathematical vocabulary which children need in everyday mathematics. Common words used in history and geography are also included. Book D introduces the child to basic crossword puzzles and rhyming words. Children can be taught to ‘tap out’ the number of syllables in words before learning to spell them.

The words in each book have been arranged in small units for a day’s assignment. The fifth day can be used for consolidation. By introducing the day’s assignment orally, the teacher is setting the child up for success. Engaging in as much oral discussion as time will allow, using the vocabulary being studied, will pay dividends as the child progresses through the series. However, there are no hard and fast rules laid down for the spelling procedure. Encourage the children to find extensions to words in the word searches e.g. clean, cleans, cry, crying, knee, kneel. Teachers will use the pages as introductory exercises to be reinforced and extended as they see fit. The captions accompanying the drawings for example could be used as part of a reading lesson.

The books are intended for children with a spelling age 7 – 10½ years. For children learning English as a second language the book selected will depend on the child’s present needs while at the same time keeping an eye on future requirements. The discerning learning support, resource or language support teacher will know which book to choose to suit a child’s individual needs. Checklists are included at the back of the books to facilitate record-keeping.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906926687 Categories: , ,

Spelling Progress Book D


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