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You're not who you say you are. But neither is she. Olive Anderson has accepted that tonight she'll be dining alone, without her husband.

So when a beautiful stranger appears at Olive's dinner table, telling the waiter she's her wife, Olive is immediately unsettled. But the stranger wants to talk, and isn't this what Olive wants on this lonely winter night? To vent to a perfect stranger? She's too ashamed to tell her real friends the truth - six months into the marriage they all warned her against, her life is a living nightmare. Perhaps Olive should have asked the fake wife who she's really married to.

Perhaps she should have known this chance encounter had something to do with her secretive husband. Because there is a string of missing women connected to Mr Anderson, and by the morning, Olive will be the latest... The Fake Wife is an unputdownable thriller that will shock and surprise you like the best television boxsets.

If you enjoyed Netflix shows like Behind Her Eyes, The Stranger and Obsession you will love The Fake Wife.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 5 September 2024
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781398709836 Category: Tags: , , ,

The Fake Wife


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