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To do what is right, she risks losing everything...

1937 Sibil Hellinger is enjoying market day in the small Spanish town of Guernica when clouds of German planes suddenly fill the sky. As the bombs rain down, Sibil escapes with her sister but her mother is tragically killed.

1944 The world is at war and Sibil has grown into a beautiful young woman fuelled by a dark rage. Working with her father, a scientist and member of the undercover German resistance, she is the perfect spy to fight back against those responsible for her mother's death - the Nazis. To avenge the family she lost and protect those she loves, she must risk everything.

From the bestselling author of The Black Swan of Paris, Fire in the Sky comes an absorbing novel of bravery, danger, love and women's unbelievable reserves of strength.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 9 March 2023
Pages: 464

The Girl from Guernica


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