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A sweetly spooky Halloween story about a little pumpkin with big fears, by a best-selling picture book duo! The way every pumpkin is meant to behave is fearless and feisty and spooky and brave. It's what every pumkpin is brought up to do . . . apart from the littlest pumpkin, named Boo. Boo does NOT like Halloween.

She isn't spooky, she's small and sweet. And she does NOT like trick-or-treating. Why? Because she's afraid of the dark.So, when Halloween comes around Boo is especially worried. All the noise, and scary costumes, and people running around in the dark... Boo does not like it one bit! But when she meets a little boy who also shares his fears, Boo realises that perhaps Halloween - and the dark - aren't quite as scary as she thought.

And is Boo ready to shine? You bet she is! Children will love this brilliantly fun picture book - especially those who find Halloween a little bit too spooky! A must-have Halloween gift! Fun and heartfelt story, with brightly-coloured illustrations showing all the fun and magic of halloween Created by award-winning author Michelle Robinson and bestselling illustrator Mike Byrne

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1 September 2022
Pages: 32

The Pumpkin Who was Afraid of the Dark


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