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A heart-warming family tale based on the real story of a musical teddy bear, featured on best-loved TV show, The Repair Shop. Sue has always longed for a sister so when her parents tell her they are adopting a little girl from Hong Kong she is over the moon with excitement. When Kwai arrives, her new surroundings feel strange and unfamiliar and, despite Sue's attempts to help, Kwai finds it difficult to settle into her new home.

Then, one day, Sue has a wonderful idea and buys Kwai a very special gift - a musical teddy bear - that Kwai falls in love with instantly. For Kwai, the bear represents the start of her life in the UK and now, in The Repair Shop, Kwai hopes that the team can restore the beloved bear for her to relive the treasured memories from her childhood.

Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 5 October 2023
Pages: 32

The Repair Shop Stories: The Singing Bear


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