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The Whisper Man meets The Chalk Man with the paranoia of The Blair Witch Project in this chilling suspense thriller. That's the one.

That's the girl who's going to die. I didn't believe in the Rule of Three. Not at first.

It was just one of those urban myths you hear about all the time. A story my boyfriend told me about a girl cursed by the number three. A girl whose parents had killed themselves after her sibling had died in an accident.

Which meant that she was doomed to die too because that's the Rule of Three. Bad things always happen in threes, they say, and they are right. Because it's happening again.But this time the curse is coming for me. And worst of all?It's coming for you, too. 'How rare it is to devour a new thriller with a truly new premise told in a truly new way.

In The Rule of Three, Sam Ripley has achieved the near impossible, blending innovative storytelling with fresh, surprising characters fighting for their lives against the very narrative we are racing to read and keep up with. This twisty, dark delight plumbs our all-too-human paranoias and proclivities, upending our expectations of what a thriller can be.

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 22 June 2023
Pages: 432

The Rule of Three


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