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Discover the unbreakable bond between a baby elephant and her keeper in this heartfelt narrative set against the backdrop of World War II. As war looms on the horizon, things are changing at the zoo. Before, screeching monkeys dangled in trees, roaring lions sunbathed on the dusty ground and sniffling meerkats patrolled.

But now, people have stopped visiting and there is talk of a great war. As bombs begin to fall and huge blasts echo around the zoo, a baby elephant and her keeper sneak to the safety and comfort of the keeper's home. Here, they weather out the worst of the war together in secret.

But what will happen when their secret is found out? Based on the incredible true story of Denise Weston Austin at Belfast Zoo, this heartfelt narrative of their unlikely bond is brought beautifully to life by exciting debut talent and recent Cambridge MA graduate, Ellan Rankin.

Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 2 February 2023
Pages: 32

The Secret Elephant: The true story of an extraordinary wartime friendship


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