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SECRET NEWGRANGE CHAMBER: There is now an investigation by archaeologists of the possibility of a second chamber in Newgrange.

The great cairn of Newgrange is more advanced than all the other cairns of Europe - though it was built about 3000 BC, five thousand years ago. This great temple has a layout & structure that allows the path of the rising sun’s rays to beam through the ‘skylight’ above the entrance door and penetrate into the centre of the cruciform deep within the circular cairn.

This shaft of sunlight, polarised by the crystal glass panes that were originally in the window box, comes from the rising sun only at the midwinter solstice around 21st December every year.

Deep within Newgrange the enigmatic drawing of the Triple Spiral is carved at the only place on Earth within the sacred bowels of Ireland. Here the author peers beyond the triple spiral to examine the very origin of the Irish Nation and all we have contributed to western thought and the development of civilization.

The Wisdom of the Druids is an original study of our Ancient Wisdom Tradition, It unlocks the secrets of what was going on in Ireland as it examines the metaphysics of our ancient druidry. For our druids were seers and healers, cosmologists and astro mathematicians, expressing the Oneness between our bodies, nature and the living spirit.

But this book is not all in the past, not all history, philosophy or metaphysics. It goes straight in and describes a magical evocation in an ancient Irish cathedral that stands today on a mound where the druids lived in a medieval city - the Mound of the Guardian Druid - which was the the last refuge of the leading Irish druids on the run.

It outlines the practice of Druidcraft today after tracing The Fiery Conversion of Ireland. It describes the Psychic Fires of Ireland - how our druids manipulated the telluric force of earth energies across the land.

It ends with awesome chapters about the Atlantis Archipelago out there in the great western ocean and how the survivors carried all that ancient science into Ireland only for it all to be repressed by a superstitious church that read it all wrong.

Archdruid McGrath proves that the subtle energies that bind all nature and all living things were widely understood and utilised by our ancient druids. For they had an instinctive understanding of the currents that run through the Earth and affect all nature.

The author’s radical decoding of these ancient earth energies and their integral connection to the enigmatic and mysterious legacy of our druids is explored. Our druid ancestors knew the flow of energy from the sun is the life force and that sunspot activity influences human life - and, by the way, climate change!

This book is a true revelation of the ancient wisdom tradition of our Irish Nation. It shows how we must at all costs protect that sacred culture, the great intellectual foundations of our unique island nation and come to realise that the current globalist ideology emanating from Brussels and from UN headquarters in New York have nothing to offer us but further destitution, pain and national distress.

There is also devastating evidence presented here of an earlier holocaust of druids, based upon the ancient Irish manuscript, FELIRE OENGUSSO , by a monkish chronicler in 800 AD as he describes the great sites of the pagans ' ever in burning'.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 10 June 2023
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781739428426 Category: Tags: , , , , ,

The Wisdom of the Irish Druids : Archdruid of Tara and Ireland


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