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Help Noisy Dinosaur learn to use her voice in this new interactive adventure from Tom Fletcher! ROOOAAAARRRR!

What's that sound? It sounds like a little Dinosaur has stomped her way into your book. She's bored, and she's making a LOT of noise! Can you help her find some friends? But make sure to keep everyone quiet or we might wake up... the BIG DINOSAUR! This playful interactive story helps little ones to learn about inside and outside voices, as they teach Little Dinosaur when to be quiet...

and when to be LOUD! Who's in Your Book? Interactive adventures for big imaginations

Also in this series:
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There's an Alien in Your Book: explores acceptance and inclusion.
There's an Elf in Your Book: explores following instructions and good/bad behaviour.
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There's a Bear in Your Book: makes the bedtime routine fun

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 3 August 2023
Pages: 32

There's a Dinosaur in Your Book


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