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Rowena has always been a rebel: foul-mouthed, light-fingered, the last to leave a party.

Unfortunately, she's also cursed - marked by Death since birth. When Rowena's boyfriend and father die in quick succession her mother sends her North to her gran, the one healer strong enough to lift the curse before her eighteenth birthday. Halim is proud, independent and just a few payments away from owning his truck.

Unfortunately, his latest cargo is Rowena. Every gun-patrolled, hard county border they cross poses a threat to his future, as do Rowena's increasingly dark visions. Their journey takes them across a disunited kingdom where folk marry the old ways of spells and superstition with reawakened prejudices.

Can Rowena and Halim overcome their differences and forge an alliance in order to survive?

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 11 April 2024
Pages: 272



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