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Discover why you aren't earning as much, saving as much or being valued as much as much as men in this astonishing dissection of the gender wealth gap.

The modern world is rigged unfairly in men's favour, from pensions to the tampon tax, bearing children to boardroom bullying. Exploring these injustices, Annabelle Williams, former financial journalist for The Times, shows how society conspires to limit women's wealth.

Did you know:
* The NHS spends more on Viagra than helping single mother families eat healthily
* Female entrepreneurs only receive 1p in every GBP1 of funding given to start-up businesses
* Women are the majority of the elderly poor
* There are more men called Dave running the UK's top 100 companies than there are women altogether
* Women do 60% more unpaid work than men Economies thrive when women do well, and only by understanding why women are poorer than men can we finally end this unfair disparity between the sexes.

Why Women Are Poorer Than Men reveals how we got here and what all of us can do to fix it.

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 4 March 2021
Pages: 336

Why Women Are Poorer Than Men and What We Can Do About It


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