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'Have you heard the one about the four guys from south London who went to Ibiza for two weeks, were taken on a musical journey while off their heads on a new wonder drug and then returned home armed with modern dance music? If not, well, you might be in for a shock.'

The long-awaited autobiography from the first superstar DJ. Follow Paul Oakenfold - world-renowned DJ and dance music pioneer - as he tells his incredible story of a phenomenal career at the beating heart of dance.

Paul's journey takes him from a musical baptism in 1980s New York and underground club nights in London to running a seminal dance record label and a legendary trip to Ibiza that introduced him to trance and changed the face of dance music forever.

Paul also shares how he overcame tough times, including his struggle with dyslexia and how this has shaped him as a DJ and producer.A breathless adventure through music, Ready Steady Go is a story of dance, trance, excess and success.

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 18 August 2022
Pages: 304

Ready Steady Go


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